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Love Story Trilogy

Follow a enthralling journey of love, passion, and intrigue. A saga that takes you through the highs and lows of Isabell Lucardi’s romantic relationship.

The Trilogy

the Layers of
Love and Deceit

A 3 part story involving all the most erotic and passionate romance there is.

Publish date:

March 28, 2024

The Game of Love 1

Isabelle Lucardie, a striking and intelligent young woman, holds a skeptical view on love. Her life has been filled with parties, using men for financial gain, and manipulating them to her advantage. However, everything changes dramatically when she encounters Nicholas Walters and, against all her beliefs, falls in love with him.

Publish date:

Christmas 2024

The Game of Love 2

In “Game of Love Part 2,” Isabel leaves everything for Nick in New York. Their love struggles with career ambitions, mistrust, and insecurities. Isabel, suspecting Nick’s betrayal, reaches a breaking point. Nick learns that love means letting go. Isabel goes to Spain for self-discovery, highlighting love’s complexity and the balance between trust and doubt.

Publish date:

March 2025

The Game of Love 3

In Spain, Isabel’s pregnancy tests her relationship with Nick, who sees it as a trap. Despite her friend’s warnings, Isabel is blind to the truth. Nick’s manipulative charm leads to a devastating choice: an abortion. This betrayal shatters Isabel, exploring themes of trust, manipulation, and the impact of lost love in “The Game of Love Part 3.”

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From Fashion to Prison to Love storyteller

Mara Jane, born in Sofia, Bulgaria, and raised in Stuttgart, Germany, is a novelist now residing in Mallorca, Spain. Her journey from a Chicago fashion student to a celebrated author of adult contemporary romance is as intriguing as her novels. Mara’s belief in the strong power of words and her ability to create meaningful connections with readers make her an exceptional storyteller.

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