Mara Jane

Who is Mara Jane?

Not the girl in the picture...

This beautiful girl you see is Isabele. Mara Jane is the creator of this fictional character in her love trilogy: “The Game of Love”. Read Mara Jane’s full biography down below.

This is Mara Jane

From fashion student to love author

Mara Jane was born in Sofia, Bulgaria, and grew up in Stuttgart, Germany. She moved to Chicago, USA, for her studies, where she pursued fashion and subsequently launched her own brand, Mara Jane Spain. For the past 15 years, she has been residing in Mallorca, Spain. Although she has travelled extensively around the world, she always returns to her beloved island home. During one of her trips to the USA, she was arrested for possession of fake documents and spent two months in prison. It was during this challenging time that she conceived the idea for “The Game of Love.” Mara Jane wrote the entire three-part series of “The Game of Love” while in prison.

Determined to share her story, she decided to publish the book, immersing herself in an imaginative world and exploring the complexities of life through storytelling. Mara Jane believes strongly in the power of words to forge meaningful connections with her readers. An avid storyteller, she delves deeply into human experiences, vividly portraying the emotions of her characters.

Mara Jane Book Author

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A passionate 3 part series where Isabel a career-focused newcomer in New York, navigates love and trust with Nick amidst the city’s vibrant nightlife. Their passionate, yet tumultuous relationship challenges the balance between love and personal insecurities. Set against the backdrop of New York’s glittering scene, their story is a rollercoaster of emotions.

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