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Breaking up with yourself and starting a steamy romance…You’re in Love!

Have you ever experienced the profound journey of breaking up with yourself? It’s a concept, that goes deep into the moment of personal transformation and self-discovery. As humans, we are constantly changing, and part of that evolution often involves getting rid of some old versions of ourselves in order to make room for new ones. That’s how we grow. It`s a journey that takes lots of courage and strength to overcome the fear of change, but what does it really mean to break up with yourself? No, actually, it doesn’t. Imagine it as a symbolic breakup with the limitations, fears, and self-created barriers that have held you back. It’s about letting go of the old principles and rules that no longer fit into your life and stepping into a new world, full of possibilities. In the pages of my book, The Game of Love, I have tried my best to capture this moment and describe the emotional transformation of Isabelle. I’ve done it with raw honesty, exposing her vulnerability. I am going to share this moment with you. Let you become Isabelle for a moment and feel the way she did. I hope you are ready for this!


There was one rule she had never broken in her life: ‘Never trust a man. Ever!’ No matter what they do or say,
Men are not to be trusted. You can love them, hate them, or play
with them, but never trust them with your life or your future. They might help you sometimes, and you’ll think so. “Oh, there’s a good one!” Wrong!!! He was just in a good mood. 

While sipping their martinis, the doctors discussed the happenings of the day, and they all praised Isabelle for her skill in learning so quickly and for the effort she’d put into her assignment. She was smiling and nodding in agreement, but the words were only passing through her.
brain, without stopping. Her mind was still out there, on the streets of Manhattan with Nicholas Walters.

The evening turned out to be very pleasant, and as Isabelle was the only woman at the table again, she enjoyed their admiration. She loved being the center of attention. She even forgot about Nick! Everything was great! Her future seemed to be getting very bright if only one of these men kept his promises. There was one rule she had never broken in her life: ‘Never trust a man. Ever!’ Isabelle was laughing at their jokes, and the doctors were giving her compliments, one after the other. And then suddenly, something happened. She sat back in her chair and looked around. The restaurant was full of people. The waiters were running between the tables, taking orders or bringing food. Everyone was talking. She could hear the people at the next table talking about their vacation and the women laughing. Everybody seemed to be happy. She looked at the four men at her table. They were also smiling. All of them look handsome and successful. She was young, at the best time of their lives, and she had the honor to be the center of their attention. She was sitting right there in the middle of everything. Charles Parrish and Grant Hamilton had just offered her a job anybody would kill for, and then suddenly she got that sharp squeeze in her heart; her stomach was hurting and her throat was dry. There was something wrong, and somewhere deep inside her mind, there was a question. She looked desperately for an answer.
“What the hell am I doing here?” she asked herself and froze. She didn’t want to be there. No! Not at all! She wanted to be with Nicholas Walters in his one-bedroom apartment, laying on his sofa and in his arms, feeling them wrapped around her. That simple. She didn’t want this.
She wanted that. And then it hit her.
“I am in love.”
She closed her eyes and prayed to God to help her. She knew love was the greatest power in this world. Anyone who has felt that power has given themselves up to it. No one can defeat love. Not a single human being.
“I’m in love,” she whispered to herself, and she got up from the table. “Would you excuse me for a moment, gentlemen?” she said and left. Isabelle was walking nervously up and down the street with her cell phone in one hand and her cigarettes in the other. What was she supposed to do now? She could only think about one thing: to call Nick and tell him about how she felt, but that wasn’t what women normally do, was it?

She had never been in love before, so she didn’t know how to manage things right in a situation like this. She’d been
with lots of men, had dated most of them, and always got what she wanted from them, but that was a different thing.
It wasn’t love. It was a game of love for her, and she was the best player. She knew the rules, and she was always in control. So, what was she supposed to do now? She had no clue.


I hope you enjoyed reading this and have felt the dilemma in Isabelle’s emotions—the confusion and the fear she is feeling. She is about to lose control of her own emotions and enter a world completely new for her. She is scared, but at the same time excited and curious. She is not turning around and trying to run away. No, she is ready for the new challenge., but for this, she needs to break up with her old self and meet the new Isabelle. The one who is in love…and love has its own rules!

Thank you all for joining me today, and don’t forget to share your thoughts and comments with me. I love reading what you think and am happy to answer your questions.

Love, Mara Jane



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