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Don’t Play with Fire: Navigating Through a Night of Passion in The Game of Love

Manhattan at night!!! As the neon lights flickered and the city of New York pulsated with its electrifying energy… Nick and Isabelle found themselves swept up in the whirlwind of chaos, surrendering to the intoxicating allure of the night.  Well, we all know, how it goes. A night out to lose yourself and disconnect from the real world. Most of us have been there, seen it, felt it, and done it. Sex, drugs, and rock and roll! Hello again my dear readers. Today, I want to talk about the dangers of reckless behavior, while letting you have a glimpse into the passionate night Isabelle and Nick had.  They too danced on the edge of ecstasy, fueled by a cocktail of drugs and alcohol running through their veins blurring their boundaries…But remember, after the night, a morning will come!!!


“Ladies, what are you having to drink? Bottle of wine or are we doing cocktails?” Gil asked.
“Bottle of wine!” they replied in unison.
The night went quickly. The food was good, the wine was excellent, the music was great, and Nick was there.
“Shall we make a call to Bob?” Gil asked Nick.
“Who’s Bob?” Isabelle asked.
“A drug dealer” Nicola answered her question.
Isabelle looked in shock at Nick…but once the thought had been planted in her mind… it was too late to turn back. “Well, let’s call him!”
Bob showed up twenty minutes later. He’d brought a couple of packs of cocaine and a few ecstasy pills.
“You look like a pharmacist!” Gilberto joked with him.
They left the restaurant and went to ‘Pm.’ for a drink. Nick and Isabelle disappeared to the bathroom.
“Where did they go?” Nicola asked.
“Taking care of business!” Gil explained to her. “They went for a line Silly! Do you want some?” He hugged her. Gil and Nicola had been together for years and he always liked to drive her mad.
Nick came back and got a bottle of Grey Goose for the table. The night was turning into a heavy one! “I would like some Cranberry juice and some Red bull please” he gave his order to the cute waitress who couldn’t stop staring at him.
The stuff Bob had brought turned out to be quite good and everybody was flying. Isabelle was dancing and Nick started to feel exactly the way he’d felt when she’d given him his first dance in ‘Scores’.
“Stop! Stop! I won´t let you torture me like that ever again!” He laughed and pushed her down onto the leather couch. “…not in public, when I can’t do anything about it!”
“I’ve never seen him acting like this with a woman.” Nicola sat next to Isabelle. “What have you done to him?”
“Nothing! The question is, what has he done to me? I’m like hypnotized, but I love it! I love every second of being with him. I want him for always, you’ll see, one day…I will marry him!”
“He’ll be a good catch” Nicola smiled “his ex wasn’t the right one for him and he wasn’t happy around her, but look at him now…he’s dancing for God’s sake!” They both laughed, watching him moving clumsily to the music. One thing was sure…Nick was not a dancer.
“Why did they break up, him and his ex?” Isabelle asked. If Nicola was willing to speak, she wouldn’t say no to finding something about Nick, because he never talked about himself.                                                                                                                                                                                   “She was older than him and she was at the point where she wanted to get married and have some kids…Nick wasn’t ready. They were together for two years.”
That was good to know, Isabelle thought. She would’ve never asked Nick about his ex, but she was curious about it.
“Come on girls! Stop talking. Don’t join forces against us. We love you!” Gil interrupted them “Ready for another drink?”
“I am!” Isabelle said, “And for a shot too!” Nick mixed her a vodka cranberry and sat next to her.
“You make me so happy babe. I´ve been waiting for you all my life…everyone said ‘Real love doesn’t exist’ but I believed and never settled for less! And now you are here! I found you, my love!” His voice was quiet.
“I wanted exactly the same,” Isabelle replied. “I didn’t want to settle down with someone for whatever reason. I knew that if I was patient, I’d meet the right man for me, who would give me everything I needed and would make me the happiest woman in the world. Someone, who
would love me for who I am. Someone like you babe!” She looked into his eyes and could see the love pouring out of them. They were back again in their own perfect world. Just the two of them.                                                                                                                                                                 “Shall we go back to yours?” Gil interrupted “We can take the bottle with us and get the hell out of here… Let’s go!”
It was hard to do drugs in a nightclub. You need to go to the bathroom all the time and there was always a queue. By the time Gilberto and Nicola left to go home, it was 6 am. And by the time Nick and Isabelle went to sleep it was 7 am.
They spent the whole Sunday in bed.
“I’m not drinking vodka ever again,” Isabelle said.
“You said that last time, remember?”
“This time I mean it!”
“I’m sure, you do, till next Friday!” He tickled her to cheer her up, but her hangover was killing her.
“Damn, my head feels like a washing machine! Do you feel the same, or is it just me?”
“I feel bad too, but I knew I’d feel like it before I even started yesterday, so I am not complaining.”
“I am not good with pain and suffering,” she said. “Do you have something for a headache? I need an Alka-Seltzer and half a Valium, so I can lay back and chill.”
“You are not getting any of it. You’ll kill yourself with all these pills. We partied last night and you felt great, today it hurts a little, but this is the price to pay. All you are getting from me is a cheeseburger, ’cause you need to eat and lots of water’ he kissed her.
“Yes Daddy” she moaned and went to take a shower.
He reached for the phone and was about to dial the number for the food delivery when he heard the screams. He ran into the bathroom and found her in the shower her eyes wide open, filled with panic. “What happened?” He jumped into the shower still in his clothes. “What the fuck happened?” he repeated.
“Did we make love last night?” she asked.
“Did we have sex?” She repeated herself.
“Yes, we did!”
“I just remembered…” she almost started sobbing. “I must’ve been so drunk…where did you come Nick?” Her eyes were fixed on his now. “Did you come inside me?” her voice was threatening.
“You made me do it.” He defended himself, “You begged me to do it…and I did it.”
“Are you seriously telling me you did that? You know I’m not taking anything to protect myself and neither are you! So, what the fuck were you thinking? What if I get pregnant? I wouldn’t have an abortion, and I am not ready for a baby either. That’s not something you should be joking about, Nick.” He could see it in her eyes, that she was serious. “Let’s hope nothing has happened this time.” She
calmed down a bit. “But please don’t play with fire, because you might get burned!


This will be all for now. I hope you enjoyed reading and could feel the story. I am always trying my best to capture different moments of my book so you can become a part of Nick and Isabelle’s world.  With the possibility of an unplanned pregnancy, Isabelle was left with the sobering truth, that the game they played with Love has consequences, far beyond the times of pleasure and passion. They had gambled with fire, unaware of the flames, that could burn them both.  Let me know what you think about this.

Love Mara Jane

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