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Every picture has a story; behind the scene of The Game of Love

Hello everyone, I am back and today I will tell you some secrets about the cover picture of my book “The Game of Love”. I bet you want to know how and where the picture was done. Well, that’s why I am here to do my job, telling you the story.

I was still involved in the fashion business and was creating a new collection for my brand MaraJane Spain. The first samples were ready and we decided to shoot the new campaign in Mallorca, Spain, where I have been living and still am. A crew of 10 people flew in from Sofia, Bulgaria to work on the project. They were here for a week. We shot all over Palma, and Puerto Portals, and we had a day on a big yacht. It was a great experience for everyone. we all had fun and the pictures were turning incredible. At the end of the week, the evening before my team was supposed to leave back to Sofia, we all had a last dinner at the villa, had a few drinks and that’s when I got the idea. I told everyone about my book, showed them the manuscript and we decided to create a scene, telling a story with a picture. Everyone got so excited and we got busy. Setting the decors, getting the model into the character of Isabelle, trying new backgrounds, new make-ups, changing the outfits…Wow it took hours, but we made the shot. Everyone was blown away by the result. We had the perfect Isabelle, the woman who has played a dangerous game, was exosted, but still not done and ready to take out everyone who comes in her way. Everything around her was getting apart, besides her, she was unbreakable. This is Isabelle Lucardie. A woman, who can love, cry, laugh, fall, then brush off her tears, get up on her feet, and smile at the world.

All these would not be possible without my team at the time.  I want to say thank you to all of them, especially to Dilqana Popova, the beautiful woman who plays Isabelle, and to Jordan Petkov, the man behind the camera, who captured this moment for eternity.

Thank you for being my friends, all of you who enjoy reading my stories. I will be back soon and will tell you more secrets about Isabelle and Nick.

Love Mara Jane


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