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Isabelle’s trip to Mallorca: Love, Life, and Home.

Welcome back to the world of “The Game of Love”. Join me today at Isabelle’s short trip back home. It is a journey to the picturesque island of Mallorca. Through her eyes, I will try to show you the allure and beauty of this Meditarenian gem, she calls home.  Let’s dive into the pages of the book and uncover her deep emotions; the love, longing, and nostalgia she feels for her island.


“You will love it!” Isabelle said. He had no idea what was she talking about. “You will fall in love with the island. I promise you…That’s what happened to me the first time, I saw it!”
Isabelle had grown up in Barcelona. Her parents had a summer house in the Costa Brava, so that’s where they spent the summers. Until they decided to get divorced. Her father moved to Mallorca and her mom stayed in Barcelona. The first time Isabelle had seen the island was on
her sixteenth birthday. She didn’t know then, that one day it would become her home. Mallorca was the biggest of the four Balearic Islands.
Palma, the capital city, had almost half a million people living in it.
Their flight landed at 11.30 am. Her dad, Carlos, was there to pick them up. Carlos and Frank knew each other from London. It was Isabelle who had met Frank first, through a mutual friend three years ago. Two years ago, when she was in England with her dad, they met again. Frank had invited them both for dinner and they’d always stayed in touch.
Carlos was happy to see them both. He loved Isabelle. She was his only daughter. Silvia, her sister, was her mom’s second husband’s child.
Carlos was sixty-three years old and as an enthusiastic golfer, was still in good shape. He’d been happily living on the island for more than twenty years. But his happiest moment was when his daughter decided to move there seven years ago. He gave her a big hug and shook hands with Frank.
“Nice to see you again, how was the flight?”
“Like an Easy Jet flight,” Isabelle said, and they all laughed.
The first stop was Isabelle’s house, so they could take a shower and get rid of their luggage. Frank wanted to stop in a hotel, but Isabelle wouldn’t hear of it. She insisted that he stay in her guest room. It was a beautiful, brand-new, three-bedroom penthouse, overlooking the sea. All the floors were white marble, as were the bathrooms. The kitchen had granite tops and was furnished with the latest top-end appliances. Frank was impressed. He knew she had expensive tastes, but hadn’t expected exactly that.
“This place is amazing,” he said.
“Yeah, I know!” He could see the pride in her eyes. “There is only a tiny little problem with it… I’m not sure I can afford it… But what’s done is done! It took many sacrifices, but now it’s mine and I love it. And anyway, the bank financed only sixty percent of it, so I don’t have a very
high mortgage to pay.”                                                                                                                                                                                                                            “Well done blondie” Frank teased her.
She went out on the terrace. It was a nice autumn day in Mallorca, around sixteen degrees, the sun was shining, and she could feel the warm breeze. She loved it here. It was her paradise…it had everything, she needed…except Nick! Oh my God, she had forgotten to call him. She took her phone and dialed the number.
“Hey honey,” His sleepy voice came through “Good morning my angel.”
“Did I wake you up? So sorry babe, I didn’t think about the time difference.” She checked her watch. 12.30 am, it had to be 6.30 am in NY.       “I miss you so much” he whispered “I need to hold you in my arms, kiss your lips, smell your skin, I need to be with you…”
“I miss you too babe, I’m back in three days…I’m in Mallorca now and it’s beautiful here, wish you were here with me!”
“Next time for sure.”
She gave him an air kiss and let him have some more sleep. She loved that man so much… What an amazing feeling that was. It wasn’t about taking from him, it was all about giving to him, pleasing him, and making him happy every day. Love was great and she loved it!
They went to Puerto Portals for lunch. Portals was said to be one of the most expensive and prestigious ports, leaving Miami and Puerto Banus, as well as the one in Monte Carlo, behind. She looked around and tried to absorb the luxury with every one of her senses. It felt and smelled like home…it was home for her.
They had a plate of freshly caught langoustines grilled in garlic butter and a typical Spanish dish for three, called Paella Marsico. The food was excellent. After lunch, Isabelle took Frank for a walk around. They wandered between the yachts, while she tried to explain which boat belonged to which celebrity. They stopped for a café con leche in ‘Cappuccino’ and checked out the boutiques. There was something for everyone. The port had its own flare. It was like a fantasy world.
The day came and left. They went to Palma for the evening. Frank was very impressed with the architecture of the city. It is thousands of years old and still so amazing. They checked out the old town, La Llonja, ate some tapas, and drank Albariño, a light Spanish white wine.
Isabelle met a couple of friends, and they all went for a glass of champagne in the Golden Door, a fashionable bar in the old town.
“You were right…I’m falling in love with it! I love it! You are a lucky girl, señorita Lucardi, for living here!”
Carlos had joined them, and Frank had told him already about his intention to hire Isabelle to work for him. He planned to send her on a training program and then transfer her to London, where she would be looking for new clients and taking care of the old ones.
Isabelle had told Carlos briefly about Nick, but he didn’t know the whole story, as they hadn’t had enough time yet. It was hard to believe they were leaving again tomorrow to go back to the Jungle…but Nick was there, in the Jungle…
“But one day,” she thought “One day we’ll be together forever and one day, after I show him this Paradise, he’ll fall in love with it as well and we’ll be living here together, happily ever after!” She smiled and sat back in her chair. It was time to go, they would be flying back to London tomorrow evening.
Isabelle and Frank arrived back in the Sheraton Park Tower later in the evening that next day. The trip had been good for both. Relaxed, and recharged their batteries. It was time to go back to NY. Their flight was leaving on Thursday afternoon.


This is all for now. I hope Isabelle has made you all fall in love with her paradise island…Mallorca…the place she calls home!  Her visit was short, but the island’s spirit stays with her as she returns to the noisy streets of New York  City, reminding her that no matter, where life takes her, Mallorca will always be her home. And we all know…There is no place like Home…

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