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Jealousy Unmasked: The first warning signs in Relationships.

Do you want to hear a warning about your boyfriend when you are crazy in love with him? Who notices any bad signs at the beginning of a new romance? No one… Me neither…Guess none of us… Well that doesn’t mean they were not there, we just ignored them.  Or even worse, people often change reality into how they want it to be and completely dismiss the actual facts. We see, what we want to see and hear, what we want to hear…not what the other person has said. Jealousy has always been present in every relationship…we just pretend we didn’t notice it. It is a disease, a terribly bad and a dangerous one.  In the Jungle of Love, Desire, Lust, and Emotions, Jealousy is like a Cheater, a silent predator, ready to strike at the slightest hint of insecurity. Today I want You to see the green-eyed monster and notice the early signs of what is about to come. Picture this: Isabelle in the heat of her love relationship with Nick, blissfully unaware of the storm brewing beneath the surface. But then, in a sudden moment, she senses a change; the tone of his voice, the sound of his breathing, the aggression in his words.  And here it is how it all began…


Things in ‘Scores’ were getting a little out of control. It was Christmas time and girls were coming from all over America to work in the club, around a hundred and fifty girls every night. It was just too much. Jordan wasn’t happy about it. The dressing room was overcrowded. There was never even one empty space at the bar. The women were everywhere. She and Gaby were making money, but they were tired of all the hassle. It sure was time for a vacation. Isabelle was leaving for Spain in a week, and she wanted to take as much cash as she could.
“Hey, Jordan” Gaby said, “do you want to go talk to the guys over there with me?”
“Sure, why not.” They had both been drinking the whole night. Isabelle had lost count of how many martinis she’d had. “Do you have any Charlie?” she asked Gaby.
“Girl, watch yourself! Someone might hear you…”
“Ok, ok…but do you have any?”
“No, but I have someone coming in an hour and bringing me some proper good stuff. If you want, we can share a bag!”
“Cool, how much do you want for it?” Isabelle asked with a smile
“Fifty bucks!” Gaby said and blew her a kiss
The two guys had just finished their dinner. They ordered drinks for the girls and half an hour later they’d all moved to the champagne lounge. By 2 am Jordan could barely stand on her feet. The drugs were gone, and she was feeling sick. They’d made lots of money from the guys, but she was feeling so bad she told Gaby she had to go.
“There is nothing for free in this fucking world!” said Gaby. It was hard to understand her, as she was very drunk too.
They were getting changed in the dressing room. There was no point for either of them to stay any longer. They’d made over a thousand dollars each and if they had even just one more drink, one of them would’ve fallen over and the other would’ve probably thrown up in the middle of the showroom. The manager let them go straight away after seeing the condition they were in.
“This is the part I hate most about this job” Isabelle stated, “I love the money…don’t even mind getting topless in front of all these men, but what kills me is the alcohol!”
“Stop drinking then!” said Gaby.
“Yeah right!!!” said Jordan, “Work in a strip club and not drink. How can you talk to all these people, when they’re all drunk…and who wants to talk to a prudish sober stripper?”
“No one!” replied Gaby.
“You said it!” agreed Isabelle.
“What are you doing now? Are you going home or going to see Nick?” Gaby asked and smiled at her. “I can’t believe you guys are still together. It’s great! I’m so happy for you.”
“Thanks! I’m happy for myself too.” They both laughed. “No, I think I will go home. I’m too drunk and I might get sick and that wouldn’t be very romantic, would it?!” said Isabelle. She hugged Gaby and went home. She did get sick the minute she got into the apartment. Thank God, she hadn’t gone to Nick’s, she thought…it would’ve been so embarrassing. Frank was in Florida, so there was no one else to witness her condition. She didn’t even call Nick to let him know she was at home safe. “I’ll deal with all that tomorrow,” she said to herself and passed out on her bed, still fully clothed.
There were ten missed calls on her cell phone the next morning. All from Nick. She dialed his number.
“You’re alive!!! I was so worried about you…where have you been?” he yelled at her. For the first time, she felt some kind of aggression in
his voice.
“Calm down,” she said, “I’m fine, at home, just waking up. I was too tired last night to come to yours and I forgot to call you. I’m sorry…I really am sorry honey.”
“You should be!” his voice was still filled with anger “What time did you get back home? If you went home at all?”
“What are you talking about? Are you completely crazy? I had a few drinks last night and left the club around three o’clock. So don’t be stupid! I wouldn’t go anywhere to party without you, babe. I love you and only you.”
She could hear him breathing heavily on the other end of the phone. She’d had no idea that Nick was that jealous. He’d never shown any signs of it before. She pulled her blanket to herself and dark clouds entered her mind…Jealousy was a disease, a terribly bad and dangerous one.


This will be all from me for today. I hope that after reading this you’ll be reminded of how important and how fragile is trust.  Recognizing jealousy is an important step toward having a healthy relationship.  In the end, the true antidote to Jelausy is not ignoring or denying it, but the strength to face it and confront our darkest fears. It takes patience, understanding, and most importantly…communication. Remember that Love is not a game of possession but a partnership of equals…Jealousy can be defeated by love, understanding, and trust. It is a victory not won by one but achieved together. Please share your stories and thoughts with me. I love to hear your opinion.  Type your message on the link below .

Love Mara Jane

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