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Love is a blessing…City lights and heartbeats!

Love, the one thing you can’t beat.  You can play, you can run, but you can’t escape. There is no place to hide. When it hits you, you are IN LOVE!  We all have been in love… Hello again my dear friends. I want to go into this love moment today and get down to the bottom of it. People often get confused, when they get asked about their experiences about being in love. They always describe Love as a disappointment and being hurt. This is so wrong! Love is a blessing. We are humans and we tend to see things the way, we want them to be, and not the way they actually are.  We remember the things, we didn’t like and forget the things that brought us here. Do you remember the moments, when you fell in love? Do you remember, how it made you feel, how your heart was racing, and how you had this silly smile printed on your face? Yes, you do! This is a beautiful moment and everyone has his own one. So why, not talk about this, about the passion, about the emotions, about the beauty of being in love? Love doesn’t hurt you, it makes you happier. What hurts you after is when this moment is gone… Here I want you to read and and feel this moment when Isabelle was falling in love with Nick.


She called Nick and told him, she’d meet him at 5.30, but that she had to be back by the latest 8 o’clock.
The show closed at 5 pm. She helped Charly put all the instruments back in the boxes and hurried back up to her room to get changed. She picked out a funky pair of jeans from ‘Voyage Passion’ and a pink and brown checked cashmere top from ‘Les Copains’. The jeans had a pink velvet stripe at the bottom of the legs and the top was finished with a pink rabbit fur collar. She combed her hair and put on a rose velour cap. “Very British in pink”, she thought, satisfied with the way she looked. She put on her high-heeled boots and left the room.
There were lots of people in front of the Hotel, waiting for a taxi. She lit herself a cigarette and dialed Nick’s number.
“No, better not,” she thought “he’ll think, I’m desperate. “I’ll wait.”
It was only 5.20, and 5 minutes later he was there. The roof was top-down on his car, and the music was loud. He was looking so handsome. He had taken off his jacket and tie and had unbuttoned the first two buttons of his shirt. He looked through the crowd and his lips turned into a smile the minute he saw her walking towards his car. She opened the door, sat down, and looked at him.
“Hi babe,” she said and put her hands around his neck, giving him a gentle kiss.
She tasted so good, he wanted to kiss her a hundred more times, or just simply never stop kissing her.
“Where do you wanna go?” he asked.
“I don’t know, you’re the New Yorker, not me. Somewhere only for a drink though, as I have to go for dinner with all my
doctors and there’s no way out of it. I need to be back here by 8 pm latest.”
“O.K. No problem!”
They drove through the busy streets of Manhattan. He was a fast driver, sneaking in between the cars. It was dangerous, but exciting at the same time. Every time they stopped at a traffic light, he’d lean in to kiss her. She loved it. There was a big smile printed on her face, she was scared she’d not be able to remove it, ever. He took her to a nice art deco bar, decorated all in
white. The sofas, chairs, tables, walls… they were all white. They ordered a Cosmo and an apple martini, plus two kamikaze shots.
“Are you trying to get me drunk again?”
“Not really.”
She was about to say something, but he stopped her with a long enthusiastic kiss.
“I’ll take some more of that” she murmured and offered him more of her lips. They barely talked for the first half hour. It seemed like they really could read each other thoughts, looking at each other, without saying a word and kissing. Her lips were swollen and hurting, and his kisses were getting more and more demanding. He was adorable, she thought, he never asked any questions, never tried to put his nose in her business and he seemed to like her just the way she was, without trying to change her, or judge her, like all the rest of the men she’d
met in her life had tried to do. If she’d put in a request to God for a man, then he had sent her Nicholas Walters. She laughed at her thoughts.
“What’s so funny?” he asked “I wanna laugh with you.”
“I am not telling you that right now… probably one day though, if you deserve it.”
He kissed her again. They had one more drink and left around 6.30 pm.
“Do you want me to show you around? Something, like a quick tour of Manhattan” he asked.
“Yes, please!”
He put the top down of his car, turned the music up loud, and away they flew. He took her up 2nd Avenue to 57th Street and then they went all the way to 5th Avenue. From there, they drove down, passing by the Rockefeller Plaza, then turned right and drove to 7th Avenue, where he showed her Time Square. She wanted to scream with happiness. She wanted the whole world to know, how she felt. Instead, she looked at the young man sitting next to her and snuggled up to him. He felt her excitement and kissed her head. She melted inside. When he stopped his car in front of her hotel, she didn’t want to say “Goodbye”, so she kissed him quickly and jumped out of the car.


Well, this is Isabelle’s moment of falling in love, Can you blame her? Every girl will fall in love with Nicholas Walters. I hope, me sharing this with you, made you remember the moment when you felt like screaming and telling the world how happy you were. Love is a blessing and if you have ever felt this way, you were blessed.

I love reading about your comments, so go on and share your thoughts with me. Love Mara Jane



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