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Love You to The Moon and Back… Exploring Love, Sex, and Devotion.

Have you ever been so in love, that there were no words to describe it? Welcome to today’s blog post, where we’ll be diving into the timeless topics of love, passion, and devotion. Let’s talk about sex!  Ever been head over heels in love?   Today I will take you into the depths of emotion and explore the twists and turns of affection, following the simple yet profound motto: I love you to the moon and back! It is here in the sea of desire, where we find ourselves completely consumed by the flames of passion, finding a connection that is beyond the ordinary.


The car was going at high speed. They were late. The Delta flight to Barcelona was leaving in less than two hours. She’d known they were going to be late…She’d been getting ready to leave for the airport and Nick was coming to pick her up. He should’ve waited downstairs in the car instead of coming up. Once he was in the apartment, it had been too late to save the situation. She’d been fixing her hair in the bathroom when he came behind her and pressed his hot lips to her neck. Desire had exploded through her body. He pushed her legs open.
“We are going to be late, I can’t miss my flight,” she whispered in a husky voice.
“Shht, don’t speak.”
“Shht.” His hand covered her mouth. “Open your legs for me…wider.” She did what he said. He put his fingers between her legs and slid them into her pussy. She was soaking wet. “I love this pussy wet like that. Is this how much you want me?” He started playing with her, his fingers searching out and finding her clitoris, she arched her body, opening herself even wider to him.
“Oh God, don’t stop.” She cried out with desire.
“Do you like it…does it feel good, my darling?”
He put his other hand on her nipples and started touching them, first one and then the other, pulling them gently. Isabelle looked at her reflection in the mirror and barely recognized the woman she saw there. She was transfixed.
“You are my bitch, remember that. You are mine. I love seeing you like that, totally losing yourself in the pleasure. Tell me you want me.”
“Oh yes baby, I do. I do with every inch of my body.”
“Will you do as I tell you to?”
“Anything you want Nick, just don’t stop, please. I will give you everything you want. I will give you all of myself. I am yours, only yours, and only you can make me feel this way. “
“Touch yourself and watch in the mirror while you’re doing it.” He was playing with both her nipples now and she was totally lost in the ecstasy of it. “Don’t come yet. You will come when I tell you to. Do you understand.?”
“I want you to suck my cock. Turn around.”
“Oh no, don’t stop…” she pleaded.
“Now, please. Nice and gentle. Show it some love. All the way down.” He was caressing her hair. “That’s my girl…Do you want that cock inside you?”
“Yes please.”
“Then make it really hard for yourself.”
She moaned with pleasure. Nick then lifted her up onto her feet and swung her around again. He opened her butt
cheeks, licked his finger, and put it gently inside. Isabelle let out a little cry.
“It will hurt a bit, but the pain can be nice too. Just don’t scream.” He put his hand over her mouth again. “I love you. You need to trust me. I will never hurt you. You are my baby. Tell me you are mine.”
“I am yours. Take me please.” She begged him.
He put his hand on her pussy and pushed his fingers in, playing with her clitoris. With his other hand, he pushed his cock gently into her behind. She screamed. From pleasure and pain at the same time.
“You can come now. Come for me, baby. Let me see your face. Just like that. You look so beautiful. Christ Isabelle! I want you. I want you so much! I can’t live without you.”
He’d taken her right there, in the bathroom…and now they were late. They were getting closer to the airport, but Isabelle was getting increasingly anxious.
“I can’t lose this flight. My ticket is a fixed one. Not changeable, non-refundable. If I lose this flight, you will be buying me a new ticket.”
“Do I get to do what I did again then?” he smiled at her.
“Stop it, it’s not funny, I have a connection to make in Barcelona and there are not that many flights going to Mallorca in the wintertime.”
It was funny for him but he was driving as fast as he could. Nick was going to join Isabelle at the end of the week. They were going to spend their first Christmas together in Mallorca. The ticket was booked, and she’d even helped him pack his suitcase.
“So, I’ll see you on Saturday!” she said.
“Make sure you don’t forget to pick me up from the airport because I will find you Ms. Lucardi and make you pay for that…”
“If you don’t shut up, I might really do that… I kind of like the idea!”
They arrived at John F. Kennedy Airport just in time for her to catch her flight. She looked at him, after passing through security and
blew him a kiss. “I love you!” she shouted.
“I love you even more honey… to the moon and back!”


This will be all for now. I hope you’ve found inspiration in Isabelle’s journey. Through the pages, you’ve seen how passion and loyalty interact in her relationship with Nick.  Her story reminds us that Love is not a one-way street, but is full of turns and corners. The moments of vulnerability, trust, and devotion hold the greatest power. Keep in mind that Love knows no bounds.  May we all find ourselves swept away by its magic. Don’t forget to subscribe to my blog and share your thoughts with me.

Love Mara Jane


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