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Meet Isabelle: The heart of The Game of Love.

Hello everyone. I see you enjoyed my first post yesterday, which makes me really happy and burning with the desire to write again today. As we all know, I am a writer, so it must be in my blood.

Today, I want to introduce to you Isabelle Lucardie…In the book she is more than a character; she is the beating heart of our tale, or better to say…her tale.

Join me as we uncover the essence of Isabelle and discover the importance of the part she plays in this journey. Are you ready to meet her?

Let’s jump in!!!

I looked through the pages of my book to find the best description of Isabelle, so you can all picture her in your minds. The one that is probably the most accurate is the one Nick gives her, the first time he lays eyes on her. Here is what he thought…

He looked at her and froze. She was stunning! He couldn’t remember ever seeing a woman prettier than her…or was that the alcohol messing with his head?…and what was a woman like that doing in a strip club? Jordan was standing there looking at him waiting for an answer and he couldn’t say a single word. Oh yes, she was beautiful. Her long blond hair was straight and silky, falling over her naked shoulders. Her eyes were dark and shiny…staring at him… wow!“What was your name, love?” She asked again and smiled, showing her perfect white teeth. Jordan was 5´8 tall and around 125 pounds, put together in an incredibly fine, and at the same time, very sexy package. Her legs were longer than most of the models Nick had seen in NY. Her breasts were just right, not too big, but not too small either. All natural and wrapped in flawless skin. Nick was lost. The girl standing in front of him was breathtaking. She barely had on any makeup, which was a most unusual thing for a place like this. Her big brown eyes were looking straight into his, with a wondering, surprised look in them, as if she were asking herself,“What’s wrong with this man?” He just wanted to touch her, make sure she was real. Before he could do anything, she turned around and walked away. She was so graceful, it was almost unreal. What was that woman doing here and where did she come from? What was her name again? All these questions were bouncing in his mind. He had to do something. He had to find her again, talk to her.

And here is what I found about the way Isabelle sees herself

Jordan turned around and checked her reflection in the mirror. She looked at the young girl staring at her. It was
hard to believe sometimes that it was her! She was dressed in a baby pink tracksuit that she’d bought in ‘Express’ a
week ago. Her hair was in a tight ponytail on the back of her head. She had no makeup on, besides her shiny lip gloss.
“I look like I’m 16 years old.” She had turned 26 in February, “Not that I am moaning about it.” She laughed.
“Come on sexy, let’s get out of here and get rocking!”

And that my dear friends is just a sneak peek into Isabelle’s world. The adventure is just getting started, so stay with me for more twists and turns…and funny stories. Tomorrow promises even more excitement…MEETING NICKOLAS WALTERS



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