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Hello everyone!

First, I would love to say thank you for your interest in my blog. I can’t believe how many people read it. So today I decided to give you more insights into the story about how The Game of Love was born.  The one most obvious is, that it was me who wrote it. I didn’t plan it or even think about it, it just happened…

I was on my way to Atlanta, USA, when I got stopped by customs and I got arrested for traveling on fake documents. So they put me in jail, where I spent two months before I got deported. In the beginning, the first few days, I was only crying and didn’t know, what to do with myself. After a while, I couldn’t bear the feeling of being trapped anymore, so I decided…they could keep my body, but they couldn’t lock up my mind. So I ordered pens and papers, sat down, and started writing. That was the moment when Isabelle Lucardie was born. A day later Nickolas Walters came along and then the rest just flew in. I spent every single day of my stay in Atlanta, the entire 2 months, writing the story of Nick and Isabelle… 10 hours a day, without stopping. I wrote the entire trilogy at this time.

The characters in my book all seem so real because I have used real people to describe them. The stories are stories, that I have witnessed and most of the places that I have described, I have seen. Still, the story is fictional and only has happened in my mind. I put the characters together and made them do the things they do. I am sure everyone can find himself somewhere between the pages of The Game of Love, and everyone has been in one or the other of the situations.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the ride! Keep on reading my blog and share your thoughts with me.

See you tomorrow.

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