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Meet Nickolas Walters…the man of her dreams?…or not?

Hello again everyone!
Today as I promised you, I will introduce you to the other main player in The Game of Love. As people say, it takes two to dance Tango. You already met Isabelle, so it’s time to meet the mystery man who makes her heart dance…Nicholas Walters; a man with a mysterious charm that could either sweep her off her feet or leave her questioning the meaning of love. One thing is sure he will leave all of you asking for more. Everybody loves Nick! All the women want him and all the men want to be him.
So as always, I thought, the best thing would be to go through the pages of my book and let you see Nick, through the eyes of Isabelle, the first time she saw him.
Will he prove to be the man of her dreams, or is he a shadow that will fade with time…you tell me…


Nick was mixing the next drink when she suddenly glanced at him and after a second, she had to look at him again with her eyes wide open. It seemed to her as if she had just noticed him for the first time. She knew he was there, she had been talking to him, was in his house, been in his car but she’d never really noticed him. And now suddenly here he was. She looked at him again and their eyes locked.
“You’re fucking handsome,” she managed to say.
“And you’re beautiful,” he answered.
She felt embarrassed. It was as if she had just woken up from a deep sleep and only now started to register what was really happening around her… and there he was… six foot tall with a well-trained body, broad shoulders, chestnut brown hair, and these amazing, huge green eyes that were staring at her. She started to feel uncomfortable. She should go. Go, run away as far as she could and as quickly as she could. She could feel it in her heart, this man could be dangerous for her. This man could break the protective shield she had built around herself these last two years, and destroy her inner peace. He could control her feelings and emotions and either make her the happiest woman in the
world or break her heart always.
Nick sensed something was going on in her head and sat next to her.
“Are you alright?” he asked with a smooth voice, touching her hand. Oh, God, he has been waiting for that, since the first
moment he saw her. There was a chill going through his body. He could feel her emotions. She was so perfect.
“I am tired. I think I should go home. It’s late already anyway” she said.
“You’re scared of me, aren’t you? I can feel it… but why? You know, I’ve got the strange feeling, that we are so much alike! It’s in the air. I can read your thoughts, and feel your emotions. I have never felt something like that.”
She froze on the spot. She knew it, she knew it! He was dangerous and if that wasn’t enough, he even knew he was
dangerous. What has she done? Why did she come here? She should really leave as soon as she can. Her hands were
shaking, she looked at him, her eyes filled with fear.
“I need to go.”
“Don’t run away please,” he said.
“I am not running away,” she couldn’t even look at him. Oh yes, she was scared to face this gorgeous man and
look again into his amazing eyes. He was so self-confident, so sure about everything he did and said. His voice was
smooth and strong at the same time. She wondered what it would be like if he kissed her. She was burning from the
desire to touch his face.

This will be for now, from me. I believe each one of you has his own picture of Nick in his mind already. So please, stick with me as the pages of the story unfold, one can’t help but wonder: is Nicholas Walters truly the man of her dreams, or does The Game of Love have more surprises in store?
Join me in my next blog post and deep deeper into the enigmatic world of Sex, Drugs, and Cash.
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