Mara Jane

Part 1

The Game of Love 1

Sex, drugs and cash

Publish Date:

March 28, 2024

This is an E-Book


The Game of Love can be perilous, where a loss could mean losing everything.

Isabelle Lucardie, an intelligent and stunning young woman, has always been skeptical about love. Her life revolves around parties, exploiting men for their wealth, and manipulation. However, everything changes when she crosses paths with Nicholas Walters and unexpectedly falls in love.

Isabelle finds herself deeply infatuated with Nicholas, yet she can’t shake off the nagging suspicion that she might be the one being deceived this time. Her intense feelings for Nicholas cloud her judgment, making it difficult to discern if he’s genuinely the best thing that’s ever happened to her or if she’s caught in a deceptive game.

The question remains: Is this situation a mere game, or has Isabelle truly found love?

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