Mara Jane

Part 2

The Game of Love 2

Sex, love and passion

Publish Date:

Christmas 2024

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In the Game of Love Part 2 series: Isabel takes a leap of faith, leaving everything behind to be with Nick, their journey unfolds in the city that never sleeps. Despite her desperate desire for a family, Isabel’s relentless pursuit of both career and love leaves Nick unsettled. The once harmonious symphony of their love now echoes with suspicion and doubt.

Isabel, convinced of Nick’s betrayal, and Nick, grappling with his own insecurities, find themselves entangled in a web of mistrust. Amidst desperate attempts to salvage their love, Isabel’s emotional turmoil reaches a breaking point. Nick, in his pursuit of the perfect man, realizes that sometimes love requires letting go. Join Isabel on a poignant journey as she boards a limousine to Spain, seeking solace and space to rediscover herself.

‘The Game of Love’ – a riveting exploration of love, sacrifice, and the fragile dance between trust and suspicion.

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