Mara Jane

Part 3

The Game of Love 3

Sex, lies and tears

Publish Date:

March 2025

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As Isabel discovers her pregnancy back in Spain, the revelation becomes a pivotal moment in her relationship with Nick. Unbeknownst to her, Nick harbors a different agenda, perceiving it as a game she’s won to make him pay for a lifetime. Isabel’s best friend senses the impending storm but faces resistance from a love-blinded Isabel.

Nick’s orchestrated charm offensive in Spain sets the stage for a heart-wrenching climax. As promises of a future together unfold, Nick guides Isabel down a path that culminates in a painful decision – an abortion. The heartbreaking aftermath reveals a betrayal that shatters Isabel’s world. ‘The Game of Love’ delves into the complexities of trust, manipulation, and the enduring echo of love lost in the shadows of deceit.

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