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Remember the first time He kissed You? It was better than sex, wasn’t it!

Hi everyone. Guess who’s back…back again! No, my name is not Shady, but I love  EMINEM. I hope you all had a great Valentine’s Day and were reminded about love and being in love Love is beautiful, powerful, and dangerous…love can make you fly but it can also cut your wings. We all know this, but nothing can stop us once we get touched by Love. We go to the extreme just to hold a little longer to it. So I never try to make Love look bad instead I make a point of showing all these incredible moments that happen to all of us when we are in Love…as the first look, the first touch, the first time he calls you, and the best of all…the first Kiss!!! There’s the nervous anticipation before it, the heart pounding with excitement and uncertainty. Then it happens, the lips meet, and time seems to stand still. It is a mix of joy, pleasure, fear, a moment that crats a memory, that will stay in your head long after the kiss is over.  I want to show you the moment I captured in my book when Nick kissed Isabelle for the first time. Here is a sneak peek …

The taxi dropped her off in front of the Torch tower. She entered the building, and the doorman came towards her.
“I’m here to visit Mr. Walters,” Isabelle said.
“Yes, I know he has already called ma’am. And your name?”
“Isabelle, Isabelle Lucardi.”
“Would you like to wait for Mr. Walters here, or you prefer to go upstairs?”
“I will wait upstairs, thanks a lot.” The door was locked. “Damn it.” She thought. It was too late to go back down. She didn’t want to make
herself look stupid in front of the doorman plus she stank of cigarettes and alcohol. She sat down on the floor, resting her back against the wall. She was tired. She closed her eyes for a second and tried to remember the moment they’d shared in the club.

“Are you ok, Isabelle, wake up?” She could hear Nick’s voice coming from somewhere far, far away… He was calling her name. She tried to open her eyes. At first, it all looked quite blurry… He was on his knees, shaking her shoulders, and his voice was filled with worry.
“Yeah, what’s happening?” she rubbed her eyes.
“You scared me to death” he whispered and moved gently the hair from her eyes.
“I fell asleep. Sorry, Nick. I was only waiting for you and didn’t want to be a problem babe. Sorry. I probably should have gone home… How long have I been there?”
“About 10 minutes, but you were sleeping so deep, you weren’t moving. I thought something had happened to you.”
She could see in his eyes he was telling the truth. It warmed her heart. She couldn’t resist the temptation, so she
touched his face gently and pulled slowly his head to hers until their lips met in a passionate kiss. Right there, in front of his door, in the lobby of his building, he got to kiss her properly for the first time.
They looked at each other and he kissed her again, slowly exploring her mouth and kissing the corners of her lips.
“Let’s go,” he said and opened the door. He pulled her gently to him, brushed her hair from her
face, and kissed her nose. She was silent, but he could see the fire starting to light up in her eyes. He kissed her slowly and smoothly until he heard the little roar of pleasure she gave. She didn’t know, if it was pleasure or pain, she knew only one thing for sure, his kiss gave her the biggest thrill her body had ever known. Too stunned to protest, she felt the strong sensation of him, the sound of his heartbeat against her breast, and the hardness of his body enveloping her with his heat. His lips were firm now upon hers with hungry demand. He kissed her deeper and deeper until he took her breath away and everything started to spin around her. It was only a kiss, she thought. It was just a kiss that sent a fire to her blood…What would happen after? The thought alone made her blood start to cook and made her shiver at
the same time. His hands moved up on her shoulders, and he tried to take off her t-shirt. She pushed him away, managed somehow to stand up from the couch, and took his hand in hers. Her eyes were on fire her breath was short and her lips were swollen from his kisses.
“This way,” he said and led her to the bedroom.


I hope you enjoyed this and made you feel like being kissed for the first time again. I am sure you all want to know, what happens next…Well, I am telling you no more about this night. You need to find out for yourself.  Just download the ebook and dive into it. I promise you, you will not be disappointed.

Thank you for reading my blogs and sharing your thoughts with me. Feel free to ask me any questions. I will be back soon to tell you more secrets about the Game of Love.

Love MaraJane


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