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The moment that changed Isabelle’s life

  • Hello again my dear friends. There are getting more and more of you each day! Thank you for liking and reading my blog. It means a lot and motivates me to share more insights with you. Today I want to tell you about the moment, that changed everything in Isabelle’s life. You can all guess, that was the moment she first met Nick…Yes and No… Isabelle was first introduced to Nick by her friend Gaby in Scores, but he did not get her attention and she walked away from him. He on the other side became fascinated with her and couldn’t get her off his mind. It is later that night when Nick manages to get Isabelle’s attention, even though not in full.
  • This moment eventually started the beginning of the whole story…This was the moment that changed her life.
  • As always I have prepared a sneak peek from the pages of  The Game of Love, where you can find out for yourself, how it all began…

Isabelle gave the address to the driver and sat in the back of the car, still waiting for Gaby to get in, who was turning around, as if she was expecting someone.
“Get in the car, love!” she yelled at her, just as she heard tires screeching.
“Finally,” Gaby whispered under her breath.
The creator of the chaos was a brand new shiny Mercedes convertible that had come from behind them on 1st Avenue and blocked the taxi in the middle of the road.
“What do you think, you are doing? I’m calling the police!” the driver yelled.
“What the hell is happening?” Isabelle thought and looked out of the window.“I can’t believe that!” she said aloud. She couldn’t believe
her eyes. It was the drunk idiot from the champagne lounge from earlier that night. Gaby’s friend. Oh, dear Lord, and he was also driving. She only hoped he’d sobered up a bit since he couldn’t even talk earlier.
“That’s my friend,” Gaby replied “the one I told you about. The one having an after-hours party at his place.”
The man was out of his car already, leaning on the open door of the taxi. He looked at the girl inside and put on his most charismatic smile.
“Come on, you’ve got to come!”
“I am sorry, but I have my own arrangements going on, maybe another time,” Isabelle replied, still trying to figure out what this was all about.
“No, no please, you need to come. It’ll be fun, I got wine, vodka, anything and everything you want,” he said in a panic.
“Sorry, my friends are waiting for me,” she insisted, trying to push him away from the car.
“I must do something! I must stop her!” his mind was racing. What could he do to make her come?! And then it hit him, she was a stripper, right? Strippers are all about cash! So hopefully that’ll work, but how should he tell her that in front of the cabby? He looked at her, then looked back at Gaby… “I have to do it,” he thought.
“Hey listen, I am packing white and green,” he said.
Isabelle, didn’t get it at first. She looked at him, puzzled.
“I’m packing white and green” he repeated and fixed his eyes on hers.
Suddenly she realized what he meant. He was offering her money to go to the party with him and drugs were on the
table. He had got her attention now.
“That’s something new!” she burst into a laugh. She only hesitated for a second, then pulled a 10-dollar bill from her bag and handed it to the driver. “Sorry for wasting your time. I changed my plan and my destination.”
If she only knew how she’d changed her life, she would’ve never gotten out of that taxi…


So this will be all for today. I hope you enjoy reading about the crazy life of Isabelle. Thank you for being part of this journey. I’d love to hear from you. Feel free to ask any questions or share your thoughts. If you enjoyed it, share it with your friends who might too!!!

See you soon


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