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Unveiling “Sex, Drugs, and Cash: The Game of Love”- A Journey Begins

The Game of Love

Welcome to the virtual gateway of passion, mystery, and intrigue.Welcome to New York, The Empire State…

     Hello, my dear readers! Today marks, the beginning of our daily rendezvous with the pages of my first book “Sex, Drugs, and  Cash: The Game of Love. So grab a seat, and get ready for a journey through the twists and turns of a world where love is played as a game. Picture this: a cityscape, dimly lit streets, and there on the corner of 61st Street and 1st Avenue is Scores…The most popular gentlemen’s club in New York.  And there, inside, sitting on the bar is Isabelle…with lots of secrets to unveil. Today I am excited to share a sneak peek into the opening scene that sets the stage for what’s to come.


Jordan was sitting at the bar talking to the girl behind it.
“Slow night, isn’t it?” she said.
“It’s all right,” said Willow, “It’s a Tuesday!”
“…and it is still too early…” Gaby, her friend, added, “Have a drink and relax.”
‘Scores’ is one of the most popular gentlemen’s clubs, not only in NY but in the entire USA. Jordan had been working here for a week. It was last month when she flew into town looking for a job. She liked the Club. Easy money, very quick easy money! She’d met a few girls, made a few friends and her world changed. Only yesterday, she’d checked out of her hotel and moved in with Frank, into his two-bedroom apartment, just across the street from the Club. It was a beautiful place, brand new, with spectacular views over the Queensboro Bridge. She still couldn’t believe how lucky she was to move there. Frank was a successful businessman from California and was in NY for only a few days a month, so, more or less, she was going to have the place all to herself.
“Do you want another Cosmo?” Willow said and dragged Jordan out of her thoughts.
“Yep, thanks love”, she looked around and couldn’t see Gaby. She was gone, probably to the showroom, looking for someone to get all the cash out of his pocket.
Gaby was from Puerto Rico, living in Miami. She’d been working in ‘Scores’ for a year now. Once a month she’ll fly down to NY and stay for a week. 23 years old and incredibly good at what she does! A born teaser, she was nicknamed Jessica Rabbit for her looks, smiley face, long red hair, big fake boobs, small waist, and sexy round butt. Just irresistible.
“Did you see where Gaby went?” Jordan asked, but no one gave her an answer.
It was midnight. The club normally closed at 4 in the morning, but Jordan didn’t want to stay ’til the end. She had come early today and had gotten lucky. She’d made more than 1500$ already and was getting bored, sitting at the bar, getting tipsy. Unfortunately, she couldn’t see her other friend, Paris, who always had some Charlie on her. Drugs and strippers, two things that went together like butt and underwear.

Paris was from Scotland, but she’d been dancing all around the world for a long time. She’d made dancing her profession and was
going to retire from stripping one day……but where was she tonight? “I guess the back room,” Jordan thought.
Paris was always in the private rooms. Jordan knew she was giving cocaine to the guys and that’s how she kept them busy in there for most of the night. Once they got high, they lost track of time. It cost them five hundred dollars per hour
“… crazy world…” she thought and smiled to herself.


Stay tuned for daily doses of intrigue, character insights, and maybe a surprise or two along the way. Feel free to share your thoughts and join the conversation.

Let the adventure begin.



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