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Yes or No to love…money or passion?

Hello, my friends. I have missed writing the blog, but as we know promoting a new book is not an easy job. So this is actually my secret pleasure, hiding away and writing to you. Your interest in Isabelle’s character is quite big, so I thought I should reveal to you more about the moment after she met Nick and the thoughts that were going through her head. She was obviously intrigued by the man and woke up with his picture in her mind. She was feeling happy and had no specific reason for this, so it had to be Nick. She couldn´t wait to share her feelings and her thoughts with someone. That’s where you will get introduced to her best friend April; quite an exotic girl with a temper. April always had to be right about everything and everyone, never made a mistake, and she couldn’t sit still longer than two minutes.  I looked through the pages of my book and decided to give you a peek into April’s and Isabelle’s conversation about Nick and what Love is.


“So, what’s the steamy story you wanted to tell me on the phone?” April asked. “Don’t tell me you’re all loved up with one of your clients, please. You have to stop thinking with your heart and start using your brain. Think money, money, money!”
“Do you want to hear the story, or do you want to keep on guessing it?”
“Go on, I’m listening!”
Isabelle told her everything that had happened the night before. All the details and all the thoughts that had been going through her head. She was almost coming to the end when her friend yelled out…
“Oh my god, I know who he is. He’s a young guy, isn’t he? I’d say something around 30?”
“Same thing. I was right. I know who he is. He was with Gaby a couple of weeks ago…right? And he spent about three thousand dollars! And they were sniffing cocaine in the private room” She lit another cigarette. “…and you like that guy…?” She made a strange face as if she was about to ask “Are you alright in the head?” Or “Did you get hit by a truck yesterday?” Or “Did someone brainwash you?”
“I think I do,” Isabelle said, at that very moment her cell rang. There was no number on the display. “Strange,” she thought.
“Hello, hi, it’s Nicholas Walters from last night. How are you today?”
“Oh my God, it’s him,” she said putting her hand over the phone so he couldn’t hear her. She jumped up off the couch and started walking in circles around the table. “What do I do? What do I do?” she looked at April hoping to get some advice.
“Talk to him,” April answered.
“Ah hi, I’m fine. Have a little headache but everything else is all right. Did you make it to work today?”
“Ah don’t even ask. I just left the office,” he said. She glanced at her watch it was almost 6:30 pm. “I can’t count how many cups of coffee I drank today, and I still feel dead. Can’t wait to get home, have a shower, and lie in front of the TV. An early night for me tonight. What about you, gorgeous?”
“I am at home with a girlfriend of mine having a glass of wine and after that we are going to work. That’s alright with me though, because I slept till 2 pm… Poor you, you must have gone straight to work?”
“You said it, but listen, I’ll give you a call later this week and if you want, we can meet for a drink if that’s fine with you!”                                        “Let’s do that,” she said shortly. Somehow, she was expecting him to ask if he could see her tonight or now, even. She’d been thinking about him since she woke up and he’s talking about later this week… “Ok babe, I’ll talk to you soon. Give me a call when you want to meet for a drink. I gotta go now.” She put the phone down. Her smile had faded from her face, and she looked like she was about to cry.
“Aha!” April jumped in. “I knew it! I knew it! You’re loved up with that Nicki boy! But don’t worry, it’ll pass.”
“I’m not in love with him. I don’t even know him. I like him, but that’s all.”
“Honey, what do you want from that guy? Yes, he’s young and pretty, but would he pay your mortgage? Would he support you or pay the money you owe? No, all he wants is to get you in bed and have some fun and I know you will let that happen, but don’t let him upset you. Pull yourself together and start smiling again. We need to be at work in half an hour and I can guarantee you no one will be willing to sit with you if you show up there with that sad face. C’mon, smile… smile for me, please. Have a drink, have a cigarette, and smile.

So I hope you enjoyed that and please keep on sharing your thoughts with me. I will be back soon. Love Mara Jane

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